A brief Introduction to JavaScript Frameworks

We all are aware of the construction of a building or how it builds with the help of the required material. Well, you need some basic stuff and the materials to build it. Similarly in the virtual world to develop software or the application we need to have some coding and the languages that can structure the programming. Most of us do not know much about Coding and Programming for software development but have heard a word known as Java.

Java- It a programming language that used to develop or create mobile apps and software for computers. It allows us to use the alphabets instead of numeric numbers so that the programming can be done in English alphabets without using codes. JavaScript is the language that uses coding and can only be run for web browsers. We can create interactive web pages by using JavaScript. It gives a faster and smoother user experience. For example, we have a JavaScript in our web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, which runs automatically when using the pages on a web browser.

We got a little bit of information about JavaScript Frameworks, this is the coding language that allows developers to write and modify the codes. Most of the websites create prefer JavaScript Frameworks as it gives a smoother and better experience. The best this about the JavaScript is you do not have to be a professional developer to use it, these codes are prewritten and are now available on the web as a plugin for web browsers. If your browsers have JavaScript enabled it runs and works automatically in it. A basic old method of coding was HTML written coding which is only complicated but not allows users to manipulate or customize them.

These lot more difference in HTML and JavaScript, we can get it clear by an example, you have seen a static website where contents are static, and these created by using HTML, whereas by using JavaScript we can create a dynamic website. If you are interested in coding and want to start learning in coding, then HTML is not the bad start buy you need to prefer the JavaScript to become a professional. There is no need for any apps and codes to use the JavaScript, all you need to have just a notepad to create. There are many types of JavaScript Frameworks available for programming and they get updates regularly, sometimes it is difficult to choose between them but all you need to do is to select as per project or the requirement.

Some of the most popular JavaScript Frameworks are.

  • React Native. – It is developed by Facebook and used to create mobile apps for both Android and IOS. Some of the examples of React Native are Discord, Facebook, Skype, Instagram.
  • Angular- Make work of angular id to improve the loading time and to make the user experience smoother. It has changed by the time with some updated and has improved, from AngularJS to Angular5. After the update, Angular5 has now become faster and efficient.
  • Node.js- It is used to create web development applications, it has been in the field for a long time.
  • Vu.js- It was introduced in the market first in 2013 but becomes successful after 2-3 years. It is designed in a simple way so that it can be learned easily by new programmers. It is very small in size around 20 KB approx.
  • Ember.js- Ember.js helps programmers to create such an interface that can be measured. It is in a well-defined structure.
  • Meteor.js- It is an open-source platform for users to create real-time web apps. It allows users to create cross-platform coding for faster development.

These JavaScript Frameworks update regularly and improves on each update and these improvements are helpful and give better experience in programming.

One of the best this about JavaScript Frameworks is that it has its own community of professional programmers, they help to improve the Scripts, if they find any bug or the issue, they escalate in the community so that a new update can be rolled out to improve the user experience.

Here we reached on a conclusion that lot of JavaScript Frameworks are available to use, but you need to select the right one for your business if starting a project you need to have discussed it with expert and select a right JavaScript Framework so that it can fulfil your projects requirement and the task can be done with the smooth experience.

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