Apunkagames:-Top 5 Free and Legal Websites To Download PC Games

Here are some of the most reliable online websites dedicated to free PC games to stream as well as download. Some of them involve freeware games that offer downloads to older commercial games, 3D Arcade, and clones that have been listed for free of cost. There are other websites in this list that offers browser-based games that requires an internet to stream. . Following are the great place to start if you’re looking to find some free PC games online :

Apunkagames:-Top 5 Free and Legal Websites

  • Best place to play Classic Games – Apun ka games gaming portal

Every year Apunkagames gives some premium games for free download and plays to the gamers. It’s not a trial version they provide full premium versions. Games like Need For Speed, Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 was hosted on this site for free of cost. Check their website regularly as they list a new game every other week. Here are some of the links of Apun ka games that help you stream :






  • Best for Beta Gaming – Caiman.us

Yes, Caiman.us hosts premium games. And they also give you access to download Paid PC games for free. Prime Members can redeem their beta Code to get full access to paid games. Games like Destiny 2 are free downloadable at www.Caiman.us.

  • Best Free Games Site From Reddit

There are several subreddits that offer lists of a decent number of free computer games, both downloadable and free online games. These are listed along with other retail game assets, such as demos and trailers. There are also many implicit and explicit content available on the site, which makes it suitable for all the age groups. So if you want to get your hands on this subreddit then bookmarks them.

  • Best for 3D Games – AllGamesAtoZ.com

You can download Paid PC games for free from this site. It also allows gamers to host games for multiple payers. A lot of eGaming tournaments happens on www.allgamesatoz.com. Users only need to sign-up for free and can play, stream, and host a plethora of 3D games.  They also provided a calculator that will calculate your total number of games you have played worth of steam games and the time you have spent on them. 

  • Best Gaming Platform for Grownups – Home of the Underdogs

Home of the Underdogs is a free game stream website that offers a vast number of titles to download. It also lists many classic old-games, with a library of over 5,000 titles. It provides great game streaming features. Thre ‘on the go’ is appreciated by many gamers, which allows them to play a paid game for free. 

Last Thoughts

Above are the top websites to stream and download games. We hope you will get interesting games and have fun when playing it. We hope this list looks good for free games because good things do not comes for free. 

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