In the past year, the stock market ride has been a rollercoaster ride for the investors due to the pandemic situation. The COVID-19 crisis has brought many ups and downs in the market. But now the market is recovering and giving huge returns to the investors and in the pandemic situation also people have made huge profits with the right stock tips.

Be Active About When to Buy and When to Sell

The most important thing that can assist you in fetching huge returns from the stock market is your activeness. The more you will be active the more you will earn from your investments. If you want trading tips so that the risk of loss is minimum and the probability of making profits is on the higher side then you should contact Shyam Advisory.

An investment advisor plays an important role in getting good returns for you. Because an advisor studies the market on a continuous basis and then advises on investment.

What is Stock Options?

Stock options refer to the trading of any specific stock on a future date at a price that is mutually agreed on the present date. There are two types of options that are:

Call Option

This option gives you the right to buy the specific stock at a mutually agreed price that is decided on the date of the agreement. If the price is lower as compared to the future agreed price then you will gain profit because you have to pay less and vice versa. So when you are in the call option then a lower price is a favorable condition for you.

Put Option

When we talk about the put options it refers to the right to sell a particular stock at a price that is mutually agreed upon between two parties during the contract. If the price is higher than the agreed price you will gain profits and vice versa. In short, the higher selling price will fetch more profits for you and you have to suffer a loss if the price is lower.

Some of the tips to analyze the stock options are:

Use Volatility

You should use the historic volatility factors to make it clear that whether the stock will rise or the price will fall. The prediction can be clearer when you will study the past performance and the factors that can affect the future price of the stock.

Analyze the Past Dividends

One of the most important factors is the past dividend distribution of the company. The income that you gain with dividends can also be a good option behind investing in a particular stock. You can analyze the dividend-paying history of the company.

Factors that can affect the performance of the market or a particular stock:

Climatic Conditions

You should that the climatic conditions of a particular region can affect the market. The performance of the stock can go up or down with climatic changes.

Government Policies

Government policies can affect the condition of the market. As you can see that when the government launches any favorable policy regarding any specific sector the share prices of all the shares of that sector will rise and vice versa.

Natural Calamities

If the world is suffering from any natural calamity then the performance of the market will go down. For example, when the world was fighting with COVID-19 the performance of the market was very low.

Apart from these, there are many more factors that can affect the performance of the market. A proper analysis of the market is important and that is being offered to you by Shyam Advisory. We are offering a complete analysis of the market. Get stock tips from our professionals and earn a high rate of return. Stock options tips can be great in fetch returns for you as options trading is a good way to invest your money and gain higher profits.

If you are a beginner and want to experience the market then you should probably get the tips. Because it is better to get tips rather than suffering a loss on your investments. We have a team of professionals and experienced persons to guide you and invest your money in the right direction according to your goals.

Contact Shyam Advisory and get a consultation regarding the investment in the stock market.


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