The 9GEMS is a holistic teaching methodology developed by Global Indian International School (GIIS), winner of the prestigious Golden Peacock Award for innovating product/service by the Institute of Directors in 2014. The framework aims to help students stay updated with the changing needs by grooming them and molding their personalities.

GIIS strives to make education fun for everyone by balancing academia and extracurricular activities. The 9 GEMS education scholarship indicates GIIS’s commitment to deliver holistic education and transform students into global citizens and future leaders.

The 9GEMS scholarship is offered to students with distinct achievements in diverse fields:

  1. Creative and Performing arts

For all the passionate artists and performers who are in the top 70 percentile of their class and are committed to excelling in their chosen field.

  1. Sports

Sports scholarship is also offered to students who are in the top 70 percentile of their class and have consistently played sports in the last three-five years in regional or international tournaments. Academic Excellence

  1. Innovation and Digital Technology

For students excelling in the areas of innovation and digital technology, 9GEMS scholarship is offered to encourage them and motivate them to follow their passion.

  1. Academia:

This scholarship is awarded to students who have consistently performed well and have topped their class in all the subjects for at least three years. Also, if the students have been placed in the top 95 percentile in an international exam, then the student is offered the 9GEMS scholarship. This helps in maintaining the passion and commitment among students to improve their grades.

Benefits of the 9 GEMS education scholarship

With so many scholarships available, let us see how the GEMS education stands out from the rest:

  1.     Holistic Assessment: Most scholarships are awarded for excellence in academics. However, 9GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship assesses students’ performance in any of the skills associated with 9 GEMS categories. Therefore, students with an inclination in other fields besides academics are also eligible for the 9 GEMS education scholarship.
  2.     Improves performance: With no financial burden, the student is able to concentrate on studying, gaining knowledge and improving their grades. They also get time to hone their skills in the area of their interest.
  3.     Career Advantage: Earning a prestigious scholarship like 9 GEMS scholarship also reflects very well on your resume. So along with getting a chance to study in one of the best schools in the world, offering global exposure, the scholarship also helps in future career advancements.
  4.     Guidance: With the best teachers and coaches available at GIIS, the 9 GEMS Education Scholarship aids students to find the right guidance for their future. The students meet people from different walks of life settled across the globe.

9 GEMS Scholarship Process

The 9 GEMS scholarship is offered to students from varied fields. The students undergo a long process to get selected for the scholarship, where they are assessed on different paraments. The parameters include: 

        Assessment of their scholarship application form

        Assessment of the full academic report of each candidate

        Achievement of the candidate at the international, national or regional level

        Interview with the board members to assess student’s caliber and commitment (if required)

9GEMS Scholarship value

The 9GEMS scholarship is open to students from grades 6-12 for a period of one year. Based on the eligibility of each candidate, the scholarship is classified into four categories:

  1.     Category A: If the applicant has received recognition in an international event in any of 9 GEMS skills, then the scholarship value is a 9% waiver on the tuition fees.
  2.     Category B: If the applicant has received recognition in a national event in any of 9 GEMS skills, then the scholarship value is a 6% waiver on the tuition fees
  3. Category C: If the applicant has received recognition in a state-level event in any of 9 GEMS skills, then the scholarship value is a 3% waiver on the tuition fees

GIIS 9 GEMS scholarship is a one-of-a-kind scholarship that takes into consideration performance in diverse fields and stresses the importance of learning beyond the classroom. If your inclination lies in any sports or extracurricular activities, then this scholarship is meant for you.


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