Beware of this Sneaky Way Some Jewellers are Using to Food Customer

Did you know that recently a new strategy has been developed among a few con shopkeepers to fool their precious customer whenever they come to purchase a silver ornament they always had dreams of buying? There is no doubt that most of the people in the jewellery industry are extremely polite, honest, hard-working, and well-wishers for their customers. Why? Because that has been kind of a tradition in India where they treat their customers as deities. And because of the goodwill those honest retailers have earned, people have started to believe them even with their eyes closed.

Beware of this Sneaky Way Some Jewellers are Using to Food Customer
Beware of this Sneaky Way Some Jewellers are Using to Food Customer

However, just a handful number of shopkeepers have started to fool their customers and there is only one sole reason for that. Actually, a huge crowd of customers is going to buy jewellery by its weight. That means, if a customer is going to purchase a sterling silver moonstone ringhe will first check what he is paying for per gram for the ornament. And of course, he will definitely pick the cheaper one, right? And that works as a catch of those shopkeepers who tend to take the wrong advantage of this behavior or mentality.

Once you know about this new strategy of shopkeepers to fool people and after seeing to what extent they escalated their con approach to fool their own customers, you will be astonished and your jaw will drop and touch the grounds. It has been observed that some jewellers give their increased profits more priority than the customer and converting the customer to be a returning one and eventually become a brand endorser.

Experts who looked into this matter are saying that those shopkeepers have found a sneaky way to make their products heavier than they earlier were and all that without a slight change in the dimensions, size, and even in the volumes. For example, if you are going to a shop to buy a turquoise engagement ring made from fine sterling silver, you will be paying more price for it than you will be paying at any other shop. And why is that? It’s because the stones that they will be using in their products will be a lot heavier than these kinds of products will actually contain. So, the buyer’s discretion is important at this point.

Now that’s the point where a customer like you and me will ponder that how is that actually possible as the weight of any precious metal including gold, silver, or any platinum jewellery? Well, as everybody knows, they might not change the actual precious material but they can always change the stones embellished in any fine piece of the jewellery, right?

The jeweller will employ copy stones in the original design of your jewellery instead of the actual stones and your product will weigh a way higher than it should. Because, when it comes to gold, you know that even a thousandth part of a gram is important and can make a difference. And additionally, they will take it to even on a higher level by reducing the per gram cost of the jewellery for you. And you will feel like you have grabbed a pretty good and witty deal. So they have not sold their products to you, they have made a positive impact on your mind as well. That literally means that you will end up getting not only a bad product but also the false perception of the absolute honesty of the shopkeeper.

So, what to do when something like this happens to you? Well, it is really simple. The first thing you can do when you go to a shop, you need to ask the shopkeeper whether the stones embellished in the piece of the jewellery are authenticated and precious or not. If the answer you get is a no, then you can ask him why you have been asked to pay for them as much as you are paying for the precious metal? The second thing you can do is check the two identical copies of a product. Now, you can ask them to put them both on the weighing scale.

Again, check if the heavier product has more embellishment or bigger beads than the other one but has a reduced price? Now, just grab the smaller beads one while telling him that you will pay no more than the per gram price of the heavier ones. Since you are the customer, you have the power of convincing the shopkeeper and whether to purchase an ornament or not.


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