Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Hand Sanitizer in India

Selecting the appropriate product for your need is always a challenging task. All hand sanitizers are not equal, and the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has propelled the demand for alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Nowadays the market is flooded with hand sanitizers, and without prior knowledge, it’s very likely for you to end up buying an average product for your hand hygiene.

Therefore, to make your task easier, follow the listed key factors in the post that will help you to choose the best hand sanitizer for you and your family.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Hand Sanitizer in India
Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Hand Sanitizer in India

1.       Type of Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers come into different forms – one with a high amount of alcohol (alcohol-based) and the other with no alcohol (alcohol-free). Both of them are capable to reduce microbes responsible for illness and infections.

People with higher skin-sensitivity may consider alcohol-free options. And, if you’re comfortable with alcohol-based hand sanitizer, it should be your priority. It all depends on the preferences where your ultimate goal should be keeping your hands germ-free.

However, a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol concentration is the best to protect you from bacteria and viruses like that of COVID-19.

2.       Ingredients Used

We often pick products based on the look, smell, and presentation rather than looking for product details. The best hand sanitizers in India are made of many different ingredients. Where some may suit you, few also may cause adverse effects on your skin.

To know what chemicals can harm your skin after using a hand sanitizer, check the product description and user reviews on the ingredients used, and cross-check it with harmful chemical lists online.

Choose a hand sanitizer that keeps your hands germ-free while keeping skin problems apart. When you’re aware of your skin type, you can easily select the one best for it.

3.       Skin Type

We all are different, so are our skin types. To meet the demands for the varied need for different skin, hand sanitizers come with different formula and composition.

Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or even a sensitive one, sanitizers disinfect your hands without irritation or side effects.

You need to keep an eye for details before buying a skin product. The best hand sanitizers will make your hands feel soft, fresh, and nice smelling after use. Needless to say, they’ll protect you from disease-causing germs.

4.       Value for Money

While the market is flooded with cheap and affordable hand sanitizers, their quality and safety measure is questionable. However, costly products also do not indicate their quality.

You should focus to choose the hand sanitizer that will effectively kill the germs rather than make you appear lavish. The main key is to make a balance between the best price and the quality hand sanitizer.

If you’re successful in doing so, you’ll get value for money product.

The foremost purpose of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is to protect you from germs with no side effects. The more you know your products, the better you’ll become able to select the best hand sanitizers for you and your family.

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