Is this happened to you, when you try to deliver your package through a courier or delivery app? You might have chosen that deliveryapp or service as you believe that it could meet your expectations. So generally, what are the expectations of customers from a company that provides pick-up and delivery services? Affordable prices with the convenience of packages and fast delivery.

Yet, many courier companies or apps fail to meet these expectations of fast delivery. Something might have happened and your delivery delays. Have you ever wondered, what is the reason behind the delayed deliveries? What difficulties the courier companies face? Let us try to understand some of the factors that cause deliveries to be delayed. Here I will mention the 10 common causes of delayed deliveries by the pick-up and delivery services companies in Delhi.

  1. Terrible weather

During heavy rainfalls or fogs, it is not possible to deliver the package on time in Delhi. Heavy rainfall creates water-logging issues where the vehicle is unable to move further. Also due to fog or smog, the road cannot be seen clearly. As a result, the delivery is delayed.

  1. Road traffic

Road traffic is an important factor in Delhi for getting your deliveries delayed. You never know, how much time it will take to cross huge traffic. Maybe 3 to 4 hours of your day is wasted in traffic. So never underestimate this reason. The courier executive might have stuck in the traffic.

  1. Failed attempt of delivery

Sometimes, the customer is not at the desired location, and when the courier executive could not deliver the package and the delivery has to pass the second round. This is also a common factor for delayed deliveries of courier companies. In addition, when the customer receives the wrong package, then it takes time to search for the correct package.

  1. The bad condition of Vehicle

Sometimes, the delivery vehicles have a breakdown in the middle of the way and hence it requires to repair or change. In repairing or changing the vehicle, your delivery is delayed.

  1. Lost Packages

Due to poor handling of packages, some pick-up, and delivery services companies misplace some of the packages. As a result, they are lost somewhere or get misplaced. To search for the right package, your delivery is delayed.

  1. Technological problems

This is the major factor for the cause of delayed deliveries. Sometimes, the GPS of the delivery vehicle does not work properly. So to find the destination, it becomes very difficult to deliver on time. Moreover, even the debit card machine fails to run smoothly and these technological issues arise. Therefore, without the payment, your package will not be delivered. Hence, it will be delayed.

  1. Improper address

If the half address is written or it is not concise and precise, then the courier executive will find it difficult to search your address. He will take more time to just find a particular address and hence, your delivery will be delayed.

  1. Hike in delivery shipments volumes

Sometimes, there is a bulk order where the shipments are tremendously large. It requires specific time to deliver such huge goods. Therefore, it delays your huge deliveries.

  1. Lack of proper infrastructure

Sometimes it happens, when the payment mode is COD or Cards, the courier executive does not have proper devices. In addition, due to improper infrastructure at the pick-up and delivery service companies, the package may get misplaced or even damaged. Therefore, damaged packages are returned by the customers, which delay your delivery.

  1. Irresponsible courier executives

Due to irresponsible courier executives, the goods are misplaced, mishandled, or even get lost or damaged. And due to the lethargy or misbehavior of some courier executives, the delivery gets delayed.

So now, you know the reasons, therefore despite being anxious about your delayed delivery, you can stay calm, think of these causes, and contact the respective person or the courier app in Delhi.


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