As advanced technology has reduced our lot of worries, remote spying is one of them. Spying software and applications allow the user to track the targeted person from a distance and watch all their real-time activities. GPS tracking is the most demanding tracking tool.

In case your targeted phone got lost, or the targeted person goes to any secret place without informing you so that you can spy on the live location easily. Usually, people use Android devices because of the user-friendly interface. So, here we will share the best Android tracking app, which works accurately.

Although hundreds of spying apps claim to serve guaranteed services, TheOneSpy is the only tracker that shows results instantly by performing incredible functions. Let us get you straight to the TOS location tracking features.

TheOneSpy and its Location Tracking Feature for Android Device

TOS has been serving millions of people across the globe for many years. It not only provides reliable tracking tools but also serves with wonderful customer support service. It’s the only app that offers four different high tech GPS tracking features. Here are these four listed below.

  • Real-Time Location Tracker
  • Location History Monitoring Feature
  • Tracking Without GPS Access
  • Track Location Through SMS

The above two tools come with the XLite edition, and all four include in all premium plans. Let us discuss the feature in detail to show you their uses in actual life.

  1. Real-Time Location Tracker

These tracking tools allow the user to spy on the exact pinpoint location of the targeted device. The user only needs to visit the TOS site and find a suitable plan.

After getting a subscription, activate the tool from a cloud account and give the command to spy on the current location. Keeping the user’s identity, 100% secure provides information with the exact time and date.

  1. Location History Monitoring Feature

Location history tracker enables the user to view the previous history of the targeted person.

User can monitor;

which places visited the most by the targeted person

Which area is dangerous for their loved one,or which route the targeted person follows to reach any specific location?

A user needs to get any compatible plans of TOS for an Android device to take advantage of this feature. After installing the app, activate the tracking tools.

  1. Tracking Without GPS Access

This method is quite tricky but very effective. This process works when the user calls or sends the message on the targeted phone. As the other person replies to the call or SMS, the user can spy on the location.

This tool only available in premium plans of TOS and recommended for those who want to keep their identity highly secured.

  1. Track Location Through SMS

In this tracking process, the user needs to send a single text message containing a tracking command. As the user opens and reads the message, TOS automatically gives remote access over the targeted Android phone.

TOS Location Tracker benefits for Business and Parents

Let’s show you the TOS tracking features benefits in different situations.

TOS Benefit for Businesses

Mostly business provides advance and user-friendly devices to their employees. Usually, Android phones are ordinary in use, so TOS offers various plans for all Android versions.

An employer can track where the targeted employee goes during working hours or during the break. If any employee tries to harm the business by meeting with a competitor business or wastes duty hours by hanging out with colleagues, so the employer can track them in no time.

Some people with bad intentions try to steal files/documents from their boss, so the employer can catch them on time by following the location tracker.

TOS Benefits for Parents

Parents can track where their kids are going with friends, which place he/she visits the most, or make sure their kid is not meeting with any unknown person. Phone tracker allows parents to protect their kid’s future by keeping a sharp eye on their outdoor activities.

Working parents may not monitor daily, but they can use the 2nd tool to view the daily/weekly/monthly location history.

Final Thought

Well, you have seen the worth of TheOneSpy Android GPS Tracker. With all four brilliant tools, you can fully track the targeted person’s location and history of visited areas with the exact route. For any further information or query, visit the TOS official website and ask from the help desk.


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