How to Create Powerful & Evergreen SEO Content for Your Business

Google algorithm updates such as Panda are meant to weed out websites with thin content from SERPs (search engine results pages). The main goal for introducing these changes is to ensure that users get the best results and websites churn out content that resonates with searchers intent.

If you want to achieve great success in the digital business sphere, you must make sure that your content is fresh, valuable, accurate, and in line with the needs of audience you are trying to reach out to. This kind of content has the potent ability to boost your website’s visibility in search results tremendously.

One of the content creation skills that you need to master is the ability to create evergreen content.


What is Evergreen SEO Content?

Evergreen SEO content refers to on-page or off-page content that offers or has long-term value. To help you understand what this means, think of an evergreen tree that always has leaves irrespective of the season, month, or weather conditions.

It is an article that the readers can still reference for many years to come before the information will always be valuable and relevant. Usually, it is directly related to the core topic of the website and often include:

On the other hand, content that is not evergreen quickly become irrelevant and stale. It usually includes:

Importance of Creating Powerful Evergreen Content for SEO

It is of paramount importance to have evergreen posts and pages if your online business is to continue ranking high in search results and stay ahead of the curve.

It Offers Compounding Value

Ideally, the more you can use the website content you write and publish, the more valuable it becomes. You can spend several days writing a post but it will be of importance to your business and audience for many decades to come unlike conventional blog posts that only enjoy a spike in traffic for several days or hours after publishing.

Drives Search Traffic Using Core Keywords

Keyword research will help you to know the type of phrases to add in the content. When use the keywords to optimise evergreen content, your site will eventually benefit from improved search ranks. The content will also boost your online authority and increase organic traffic to your site.

Builds Authority

Google bots now use AI to understand what blog posts and articles are talking about. As mentioned earlier thin content stands no chance to rank high. Evergreen content on the other hand has a high chance of ranking highly in SERPs. For example, when you publish detailed blog posts about topics related to your industry, you presenting your expertise and influence in the niche. By doing so, you will be showing Google that you are an authority and they can trust your content.

Attracts Backlinks

Backlink is one of the most powerful website ranking factor. Everyone gravitates towards authority content as opposed to thin or stale content. By publishing evergreen content on your website, you will attract backlinks from other sites seamlessly.

They will cite your detailed analysis, statistics, and case studies in their articles as proof to the ideas they highlight. This benefit is great for SEO as you don’t have to pay anyone to create backlinks to your site.

Establish Site Hierarchy and Continuity

Sometimes, evergreen content is also referred to as cornerstone content due to its potent power and usefulness to the site. It enables you to create your website in a structured manner that the search engines and target audiences can easily understand. Concisely, the pieces can act as an outline to your entire site content.

Let us shift gears now and look at how to create power evergreen content that is SEO compliant.

How to Create Evergreen SEO Content

Choose the Right Topics

Consider your industry, nature of business and topics that matter to your audience. Brainstorm the type of content that will act as a foundation of information for your target audience for many years to come.

Here are few ideas to point you in the right direction.

  1. Tell beginners/novice valuable facts that they need to know about your industry or business
  2. Answer frequently asked questions from clients, customers, and readers
  3. Come up with topics that can be converted into comprehensive tutorials or guides

Create a list of all the potential topics you can use to create evergreen SEO content, then do extensive research to determine the most ideal ones from the list.

Carry Out Keyword Research

Armed with the right topics at hand, the next thing that you need to do is a keyword research to identify phrases and words that audience use to search for the content. Inclusion of these keywords will help drive traffic and boost the posts ranking.

Use advanced tools such as Alexa’s Keyword Difficulty Tool to find the best variations of the target keywords. This tool will help you to identify variations of the keyword that are widely used by the target audience. It will also help you identify low competition keywords that have a competition score that your site can handle or compete against.

Write Content for Readers NOT Search Engines

There is absolutely no point to have a post that is ranked at the top but it does not resonate with the readers. Use the keywords to optimise your content but do not forget that the main goal is not just to rank highly but to also spur engagement with the target audience.

Here are the best practices that you should follow when creating evergreen SEO content:

  • Break up page elements with white space
  • Use concise and short words, sentences, and paragraphs
  • Format the test to highly the key takeaways and points
  • Use images and other visuals to show instead of telling the audience
  • Speak directly to the audience by sounding as natural as possible
  • Avoid jargon and industry terms that the readers might not be familiar with

Optimise Content for Search Engines

Once you are done writing the content, add elements that prime the page for Google, Bing and other search engines. Here are tips on how to optimise evergreen content:

  • Ensure keywords are used naturally and evenly spread in the content
  • Create an SEO friendly URL which includes the main keyword
  • Include the keyword in the page title and at least one subheading, title, image alt tag, and meta description
  • Add relevant inbound links to pages on your websites
  • Add relevant outbound links to authority websites that cover the topic
  • Find related keywords and add them in the content naturally

There are SEO tools such as Alexa On-Page SEO checker that you can run the post on before publishing to know what you missed.

Create an Updating Schedule

Don’t just create evergreen content and leave it for months assuming that it will still rival your competitors’ content. Even though the content has long-term value, that information may become slightly outdated. Cushion it from becoming irrelevant and dropping in ranking by regularly updating it with fresh content to ensure it continues to offer lasting value to readers.

How to Promote Evergreen Content

Strategic content promotion will ensure that you get utmost value from every evergreen post that you publish. Here are simple but effective ways of promoting evergreen SEO content.

Highlight it on your Website

Make sure that anyone who visits your website finds the cornerstone pieces by highlighting them on your website. You can do this by adding topics covered in the post to menu drop-downs when relevant or display custom promotional images on the sidebars.

You can also create a dedicated resource library to house all your evergreen content pieces.

Leverage On-site Linking

Another sure way of guiding a website visitor to these pieces of content is by link to them on other pages of your business website. Your general blog posts as well as pages should have internal links to the cornerstone content

Off-site Link Building

An epic evergreen piece packed with detailed information, statistics, and case studies will definitely capture the attention of bloggers and other websites in your niche. Consider reaching out to them and informing them about the post. Use it as a resource or gateway to win guest posts opportunities.

With advanced tools such as Audience Overlap Tool, it is easy to know which websites are more likely to link to your content. Just input the URL of your website to get the list of these sites as well as guest posting opportunities.

This report will act as a guide as you do guest blogging outreach as well as create a link acquisition strategy.

Other superb ways of promoting evergreen content include:

  • Posting URLs on all your social media platforms
  • Engaging influencers in your niche
  • Republishing it on your blog to ensure it never gets forgotten in archives


Evergreen SEO content will offer unimaginable value to your online business by generating organic traffic, attracting backlinks, proving you are an authority to search engines and the readers, and increasing conversion rate.

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