This instructional exercise will tell you the best way to make an Applied Energistics 2 crystal growth chamber with an absolute number of six ae2 crystal growth accelerator.

  1. Start by putting five squares in a segment and put a crystal growth chamber (from this time forward curtailed as CGA) on top.
  1. Put a square on top of the one CGA and encompass the square with four more CGAs.
  1. Break the square in the center and fill the opening with water.
  1. How to power crystal growth accelerator? Use an AE2 wrench or a Crescent Hammer from Thermal Expansion to turn the center four CGAs so the face that appears as though a cross is facing up/downwards.
  1. Connect all CGAs with a fluix link.
  1. Put an Extra Utilities Item Filter in your quickbar, select it crystal growth accelerator power and play out a right click to open its config screen. Spot a Fluix Crystal, a Pure Fluix Crystal, a Pure Certus Quartz Crystal and a Pure Nether Quartz Crystal into the config openings.
  1. Craft a ME Interface and put it into an iron block. Rename it to “Crystal Growth Chamber” or something comparative with the goal that you can distinguish it in the Interface Terminal later.
  1. Place the ME Interface underneath the Item Transfer Node and utilize a wrench or bow mallet to turn it with the goal that it focuses downwards.
  1. Place a Translocation Plate from Thermal Expansion beneath the ME Formation Plane.
  1. Place blocks around the Translocation Plate and the ME Formation Plane to seal it. Minecraft crystal growth accelerator the screen capture beneath, we utilized a Glass Block from the Chisel mod, which we cut with a saw from Forge Microblocks.
  1. Redundant, however prettier: Add some underlying scaffolding to make it look better. We utilized Cable Anchors from AE2 and Steel Fence blocks from Immersive Engineering.


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