What Are The Requirements For Online Trading And How To Start It?

Trading in the stock market seems tempting, yet one needs to learn all the basics in order to start. A smooth and risk-free entry into the system is essential. The most important prerequisite for this risky affair is getting acquainted with all the basics before you jump into it. Listed below are some of the requirements for starting online trading:-

  • Educate yourself

Being an investor, you need to be aware of all the possibilities of investing in the share market. A proper research and planned out things would be able to generate profitable returns. It is advisable to read about online trading. Consider opting for online classes as they provide ample information in a short span of time. Many websites also provide good financial guidance. They have experts with whom you can clear out all your doubts.

  • Choose an online broker

A broker helps you achieve your trading goals smoothly and efficiently. For online trading, you need a broker or an agent, who can offer you various plans and a seamless platform for executing various types of trading services. Discount brokers offer tech-based trading platforms with affordable subscription plans with reduced brokerage costs, which is a flat fee per trade irrespective of the trade transaction value.  Get a deeper understanding of how to analyze a company and its share prices. you can also open dummy accounts and test their authenticity.

  • Open a Demat and trading account

For the purpose of online trading, you need to open Demat account to keep all your assets in electronic form. Furthermore, you will be required to open a trading account to buy or sell stocks, and the fund generated or withdrawn would be credited or debited to your Demat account.

  • Follow up the stocks of your interest

When you had thought about the idea of online trading, you must have heard about some stocks giving great returns. When you build your portfolio, doing some research of the stocks which suit your financial motives will be quite helpful.  Watch their growth pattern, observe the market fluctuations, and make a planned strategy before you take a dip into this pool.

  • Maintain a balance in your account

Where getting good returns may seem exciting, in the same way, losses in trading may lower your enthusiasm and may compel you to make wrong decisions. Therefore, it is very necessary to maintain a balance in your account. Plan out your strategy; devise a plan as to how the money flow can be maintained and then take the risk.

 What Are The Documents Required To Open An Account?

Setting up an account for online trading is not a very difficult process. You cannot perform online trading without a Demat and a trading account.  Along with the account opening form, the documents required for opening a Demat and trading account are:-

  • Identity Proof- Pan card/ Aadhar/ Passport/ Driving License/ Voter Id Card
  • Address Proof- Passport/Voters Identity Card/ Ration Card/Rent Agreement/ driving license/ utility bills/bank account statements (not more than three months old)
  • Proof Of Income- Copy of ITR/ copy of annual accounts audited by a chartered accountant/ copy of the latest salary slip/ bank account statement of not less than 6 months
  • Proof of bank account- A canceled cheque of the bank account with which your trading account will be linked / account statements of the respective bank.

If you are wondering how to start trading online, follow the above-mentioned steps.

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