Yoga according to the signs of the zodiac Gemini
Yoga according to the signs of the zodiac Gemini

Talented and active intellectuals – even so, it is possible to describe the horoscope’s sign by the name of Gemini. However, this is not the only thing that says about a person born from May 22 to June 21. Only a handful of people realize that the zodiac signs can reveal the dark side or what yoga is ideal for a person. Now let’s deal with the topic of “yoga according to the signs of the zodiac.” However, in order not to speak too generally, let us focus purely on the mentioned twins.

Gemini as a sign of the zodiac 

While bulls think mainly of common sense, twins have mentioned intellectuals who have a very original sense of humor. They excel most in versatility and, among other things, in their curiosity. What also specifies them is that they are not discouraged even by negative results – they simply want to try everything.

But of course, each coin has it’s reverse and obverse. Even twins do not only have their positive or positive aspects. Their weakness is, for example, that they tolerate loneliness very poorly. Also, few things get to the end and are relatively unstable. Behind this, however, is their desire for change and their fragmented nature.

Their qualities only confirm that they should find time for yoga. Thanks to yoga, they can unify all their opposite qualities, also improve physical health or you can try Fildena 100 or Fildena 150 to improve your personal love life.

Gemini and Vishuddha

Gemini, as a sign of the zodiac, falls under the rule of the planet Mercury. Thanks to this, they continuously desire to connect something, reconcile, and have branched interests. The mentioned planet Mercury is in Indian astrology assigned to the neck chakra, which is called Vishuddha. This is critical information for you. According to this, you will find out what asanas to practice in yoga.

The cervical chakra is connected, for example, to the mouth, ears, shoulders, neck, and thyroid gland. And like other chakras in the human body, it needs to be strengthened, but sometimes also calmed. The mentioned asanas, which are intended purely for the sign named Gemini, will help with this. The active person can support the chakra and energize the body, while passive asanas calm the chakra and the body.

Yoga according to the signs of the zodiac: Active and passive asanas 

Active asanas for twins: 

Do you need to strengthen your chakra? Do you feel that you are not exactly full of energy, and is that the only thing you desire? Active asanas for twins include, for example, the Luk, Pisces, or Dog asanas. This also consists of all positions in which the neck is stretched.

Passive asanas for twins: 

As for passive asanas, or those that can calm the chakra and the body as such, all positions that compress the neck will be suitable for you as a twin. Positions called Pliers, Candle or Plow, will also be suitable.

Yoga according to the signs of the zodiac: Types of yoga suitable for twins

Do you combine suitable asanas over and over again, so you long for change? Try the so-called aeroyoga, which according to experts, is intended exclusively for twins and also for all creative people.

What is an aeroyoga?

You may not have encountered the so-called aeroyoga yet. That’s why you ask what it is. When we talk about aerojose, we are talking about yoga for all creative people. Its roots are only in distant sunny Spain, and there are specific curtains for it, in which a number of positions are performed.

Aeroyoga is really a well thought out type of popular exercise. Of course, the individual asanas performed in curtains can be easily mastered by absolutely everyone – whether he belonged to the number one at the school from physical education or failed at physical education.

Yoga by sign – aeroyoga not only for twins

The great advantage of aeroyoga is that you stretch your muscles and joints correctly – even those you may not have even known about their existence so far get Fildena 120 and vigora 100 to get the best potency. This is also the uniqueness of this type of exercise, which, of course, mainly calms you down. Even in this case, don’t forget to breathe – this is the alpha-omega of every kind of yoga, whether you practice it on the sofa or in curtains.

As already mentioned, you can train her not only as a twin. It is intended for all creative individuals.


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